About Korokoro Kitchen

The Korokoro Kitchen is a small business, owned and operated locally in Lower Hutt. Owners Lucy and Karla both believe that by giving a kid a healthy lunch the benefits are immeasurable. They also believe that a healthy lunch doesn’t have to be a boring lunch, kids should get to experience a variety of different foods all made with quality ingredients and presented in a way that is appealing to them.

The great benefits of giving a healthy lunch to a child at school include ability to concentrate and learn as well as physical well being. The wider benefits are getting our kids to try new foods, to get them interested in food and in cooking, to teach them what a healthy option is and what isn’t. If we really want to change the eating habits of a nation; how we as a country regard food, then we need to start by taking treat food, junk food and fast food out of schools and make a healthy lunch an option for every child. Current statistics point to 1 in 3 adults in NZ being obese and a further 35% being overweight. The health of our country in the future depends on what we teach our kids today.

There are so many foods these days that are passed off as healthy but are full of salt, sugar and fat. Even ‘healthy’ options of fast food that are currently available in our primary schools such as pita pit or subway have very low nutritional value for growing bodies and minds. Like-wise packaged food bought from the supermarket that has been made on the other side of the world pumped full of preservative, wrapped in plastic and shipped here, are often labelled with misleading information, and are not as good for you as claimed. Korokoro Kitchen lunches are made from scratch as much as possible, we use locally grown produce from the riverbank market and dairy from Petone business Zany Zeus.

We are busy mums too and if it is easy and it is convenient and our kids will eat it... we get it. Convenience is so important these days as life becomes more and more hectic. That’s why we have a custom built website that makes ordering lunch easy. At the end of a busy day it’s a pretty good feeling to know that as a parent your child has had a lunch that is low in salt, sugar and fat, is balanced with high quality protein, heaps of fresh fruit and vegetables and more often than not whole grains. Dinner seems becomes a much less stressful time of day.

Lunches are delivered hot to school just before lunch time in a poly box which keeps the food hot for a couple of hours. Each lunch is personally labelled and comes in a compostable straw or bamboo lunch box. We have found that kids really love getting their own box with their name on it – much better than a greasy bag. We have also found that kids are trying new foods, ingredients that they won’t eat at home, they will try and often like when it comes in their KK lunch box. My own daughter (6 years old) started to enjoy salmon and cauliflower last term – 2 foods that she used to claim made her vomit.

We have had our recipes analysed by Heart Foundation nutritionists who have endorsed us as ‘Fuelled for life’. So we know that what we claim is a healthy option really is.


About Lucy...

As a child I remember, instead of playing ‘Jem and the Holograms’ like my friends, I played at being ‘Alison Holst’. I made my mother change my kindergarten because the boys there messed with my ingredients and stole my raisins before I had a chance to put them in my bread dough.  And one of the earliest photos of me is with a bowl of yoghurt on top of my head…As far as I can remember, food and cooking has been a very important part of my life.

Now, I’m a mother, a teacher and a Cordon Bleu trained chef.  My interest in food has taken me to many places and many experiences around the world.  I have worked from cafes and bars to 3 Michelin star restaurants, on super yachts, in ski chalets and as a private chef in the UK, Europe and in the States, I have worked in top ranked NZ restaurants and until I had my babies, as a Food & Nutrition, Food Technology and Hospitality teacher.

As a mother and a teacher; I have seen and learned a lot about the importance of good food for growing children. I have also first-hand experience of the importance of convenience to a busy parent to make life a little easier.  School lunches made by Korokoro Kitchen, delivered to school will tick both boxes.



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